Take Charge Of Your Property

The Miller Law Group LLC helps landlords streamline the eviction process. We also counsel our clients on real estate and other business law issues.

Serving Property Owners And Businesses Throughout Connecticut

Helping Landlords Conduct Fast And Effective Evictions

You have worked hard to live up to your end of the leasing process. If one of your tenants has stopped paying rent or otherwise violated the terms of your lease, our firm can help you clear the way for a new tenant to occupy that space.

The Miller Law Group LLC represents landlords across the state of Connecticut in eviction and other landlord-tenant cases. We can provide a full-service menu of representation, or we can advise you during the critical phase of preparing the eviction paperwork and you can save money by filing the case in court yourself.


Real Estate And Business Law Representation You Can Trust

Our founding attorney, Kent M. Miller, can assist property owners with other types of complex litigation. If you are considering forming a business, our attorney can counsel you on the best legal structure for your enterprise and assist you in creating formation documents that will prevent future problems.

Additionally, we can help you if you need advice on how to include your business investments in your estate planning. Attorney Miller can create documents that clarify your wishes and safely pass your assets to the next generation.

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